Learn step-by step how to cut, join & decorate your very own hula-hoop! Once you are done, Hayley will guide you through a super entertaining & engaging Hula hoop class to master 8 cool hoop tricks! Learning with Hayley is always fun, as her teaching style is so unique & lively. Plus, you will get to marvel at your very own hula hoop you made yourself, & start building your library of hoop tricks today! Let's do this!

Hi, I'm Hayley Hoopla

A Professional Hula-hoop Performer with over 14 years experience teaching Circus Skills in Primary Schools, Kindergartens & Secondary Schools. These classes are the best way to keep active whilst having fun! I'm passionate about raising self esteem through joyous activities & so glad you have found me because we are going to have the best fun together in this online course!

Begin your Hoop Journey today!

Includes detailed Shopping List

Hoop Size recommendations for all age-groups!

Plus a super fun Hoop Class with Hayley!