The perfect place to start hula-hooping! Hoop with Hayley to learn the basics whilst having fun. Every trick is fun & achievable when you learn with Hayley, because she breaks it down in such an engaging & encouraging way. Improve your co-ordination, whilst raising your vibration! Learn on & off-body tricks to start building your library of hoop dance & hoop flow tricks today. Hayley will also explain hoop sizes & types in this course.

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Hi, I’m Hayley Hoopla

A Professional Hula-hoop Performer with over 14 years experience teaching Circus Skills in Primary Schools, Kindergartens & Secondary Schools, plus weekly classes for Adults. These online courses are the best way to keep active whilst having fun!

I'm super passionate about raising self esteem through joyous activities & so glad you have found me because we are going to have the best fun together in this online course!

Start Hooping with me today!